Purpose of Being

Time has come to A.C.T in 2018!

A stands for Awareness. How can one expand awareness ?
C stands for Consciousness. How can one raise consciousness?
T stands for Transformation. How can one transform and live Totally Intensely & Passionately?

  • Never before in the course of human evolution have we had the opportunity and the responsibility to make conscious choices with so much knowledge, information, comforts at our finger tips.We are at an important turning point in the world. This calls for heightened consciousness and expanded awareness to be able to lead through a new way of thinking feeling and acting individually & altogether. The time for transformation is now.
  • In the face of growing complexity and overwhelm the business leaders and professionals need a new set of strengths,an inside out approach, a more conscious way of leading and thriving through these times ofincreased uncertainity.Mindfulness coaching creates the foundation for inspired workplaces, creative solutions, and easeful progress.

What We Do

We live & thrive

  • To contribute, invest, share & coach individuals & young adults in becoming emotionally & spiritually intelligent.
  • To raise the consciousness & expand the awareness of our tribe-leaders, professionals, educators, students,parents & entrepreuners.
  • To inspire our tribe to unlock the peak human potential.
  • To equip our tribe with necessary mindfulness tools required for social success & well-being in the 21st century.

Meet Munish

  • Last 17 years- Relentlessly Inspiring and Motivating self and teams to unlock peak potential in corporate life
    Last 4 years - Experienced Huge shifts as a result of Mindfulness & other Creative Science practices
    Time to Contribute & Invest back
  • Utilized the Life Energies in the most INTENSE manner last 17 years &
    Accomplishing one milestone after another
    And now being propelled onto a new orbit of growth and evolution
    Overflowing with a compelling urge to IMPACT the community and world at large.
  • The EUREKA moment finally came in Munish's life
    Posing a few Empowering Questions for his journey ahead
    From an existential & utilitarian perspective.

Empowering Questions rising forth from an Intuitive Intelligence.

What is the science

  • What is Mindfulness?
  • What is Conscious Leadership?
  • Why is conscious leadership crucial for successful businesses?
  • Why are Fortune 500 companies asking employees to Stop?
  • What is Mindful Sales?
  • How is Mindful Communication different from Communication?
  • Why is Joyfulness the latest productivity tool?
  • How Mindfulness leads to enhanced productivity?
  • Why multitasking is a myth?
  • Why are more and more employees looking out for Humanity Plus Organizations to work for?
  • What do we understand by education?
  • How is education going to be different in the 21st century?
  • Why is mere accumulation of knowledge not sufficient in the 21st century?
  • What is conscious parenting?
  • What kind of educators are required to teach the digital children?
  • Why activating the IGS of the children the most important pre-requisite in the 21st century?

Research Links on LifeSkills, Mindfulness, Consciousness, Neuroscience, Emotional Intelligence, Spiritual Intelligence in Business/Education/Personal Well Being.



  • Conscious Leadership Program
  • Motivation & Inspiration Program
  • Mindful Sales
  • Mindful Communication
  • Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Program
  • Annual Well Being Program- Mindful Eating, Corporate Yoga & Meditation

Schools & Colleges

  • What they dont teach in School & Colleges- 20 Key Life Skills
  • Mindfulness
  • Mindful Eating
  • Mindful Communication
  • Self Management
  • Confidence Building
  • Fear Management
  • Conscious Parenting
  • IGS Activation


  • Relationship Mastery
  • Mental Mastery
  • Health Mastery
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Personal Coaching

As a Speaker

  • Inspired to inspire & motivate


Feel The Action

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  • letsconnect@munishkhanna.co.in
  • Mumbai. India.