Empowering Questions:

  • What matters most in terms of BEING/DOING/HAVING at this juncture of life?
  • How best to channelize the passion and gift to inspire,coach & contribute in a manner having a global impact?
  • Having realized the mortality of this human form how best one could consciously choose to invest time, life & energies in something permanent & eternal with a certainty to be carried forward at the time of dropping the body & beyond?

Journey so far.....
Triggerin Life
Have known intellectually a decade back of ourmortality followed
By an experiential understanding resulting from intense mindfulness practices
Led to a compelling urge within to INVEST in contributing and coaching individuals, leaders, students, professionals, employees in de hypnotizing themselves by unlocking the peak human potential.

Body of Work
Cross Industry exposure across retail, realestate, banking &telecom positions Munishin an advantageous position to contribute immensely in light of the mindset & productivity gaps experienced during the last 17years of his corporate stint.
Significant achievement demonstrated while playing an instrumental role in planning leasingand opening India's largest shopping centres Marketcities across Pune, Bengalooru & Chennai in the last 8 years.

Actively working with educational institutions to invest in coaching life skills required for social success & well being in the 21st century.

Actively working with a leading education group of Mumbai in a consultative coaching capacity to set the necessary ecosystem for nurturing & nourishing mindful leaders.

Point of View towards
Life- Meant to be lived Totally,Intensely& Passionately in heightened Consciousness & expanded Awareness.
Success- Success & Failure as we know are societal concepts.One needs to focus on giving onself to every situation totally & intelligently. That is true Success.
Joy- is the happiness that comes from within
Love- is what we are irrespective of the external situation.
Wealth- Wealth are of different types-
Knowledge, Health, Financial, Progeny, Patience, Food, Love.
Health- When we say health it means Physical Mental Emotional Vital.
Leadership- A responsibility. Self Awareness, Inspiration, Integrity & Vision a must for any leader.

Passionate About
Inspiring,Motivating, Coaching & Transforming

Intent to Impact through various programs
Individuals, Leaders, Professionals, Educators, Students ,Non Profit &Goverment Bodies

Personal Practices
Meditating for over 5 years,a voraciousreader &an avidresearcher researchingon topics comprising of self awareness, metaphysics,mindfulness, psychology, neuroscience, motivation, inspiration, leadership, sales, education, parenting, money management.

An MBA in Sales & Marketing.
Also additionally trained as a NLP practitioner, Hypnotherpist, Sound therapist.

When not working
Enjoys dancing with his daughters, nature walks, instrumental music,writing, running, movies& volunteering.

Spontaneously Choosing to
Respond to my calling, taking the plunge and being guided to channelize the energies through this initiative to raise the human consciousness and expand awareness through inspirational breakthrough programs for ultimate WELL BEING.

Munish Khanna

Speaker, Coach & Educator

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