How We Coach

Mindful Listening

  • Do our homework on the industry, culture, and values.
  • Speak with key stakeholders to identify and understand the participants, key coaching goals, and critical opportunities for growth.
  • Understand any processes related to areas of development and development programs already in place.
  • Understand the client’s budget and learning constraints such as time and location for the program.

Designing Coaching Module

The module customization will depend upon client’s needs and budget.

  • Research and draw upon best practices within mindfulness,emotional intelligence,yogic science and management for particular industry and learning goals.
  • Outline learning objectives, content, and exercises based on task criticality, frequency, difficulty (CFD), home reinforcements, and media use.
  • Identify relevant assessment tools.
  • Develop the program using storyboards and graphics and receive feedback from client.
  • Design modules to be delivered Quarterly / Half Yearly / Annually so as to ensure consistency & reinforcement.

Promotion and Implementation

  • Work with the client to promote the program to the participants if required.
  • Hold taster sessions and introductory sessions to give participants a feel of the program so they can make an informed decision and commitment.
  • Launch the program, making adjustments based on real time feedback.

Program assessments and continued learning

  • Use midpoint in program for formal assessment of what is working, needs improvement, and needs to be eliminated.
  • Utilize end of program assessments and feedback to enhance existing program to more effectively meet organizational learning goals.
  • Provide resources and opportunities for participants’ continued development.

Delivery Options

@ The Academy

We offer group and individual coaching at our Academy.

Online Curricula

We offer a synchronous coaching and ongoing support for participants to learn from where ever they are at their own pace.


We offer synchronous learning via live online sessions to allow geographically dispersed people to attend online.

One-On-One Coaching

We offer one on one consulting over Skype or in person.

Art & Science of Programs

Are at the intersection of neuroscience, mindfulness, consciousness, energy science, physical mental & emotional intelligence

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