Purpose of Being

  • Sales Professionals so as to become Sales Champions in the 21st century digital age need to urgently master Mindful Selling skills.
  • Educators & Students needs to be equipped with loads of inspiration & mindful tools,techniques,life skills required for social success & well being in the 21st century as mere accumulation of knowledge is not sufficient.
  • Deep Awareness & Consciousness is required to come out of the mind maze & emotional drama which clouds one's perception critically affecting the decision making process.
  • In the hyper connective environment it isimperative to consciously learn how to digitally disconnect to reconnect.

Inspired to contribute towards providing

- Pragmatic & authentic solutions,tools & techniques
- In a committed manner with gold standard Integrity,
- Engineered for results, strictly (NON PREACHY) in nature
- & which are Scientifically Verifiable & Logically Correct.

Let's Connect

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  • letsconnect@munishkhanna.co.in
  • Mumbai. India.