What is 'conscious leadership'?

Conscious leadership is bringing one’s whole self and with total awareness to your leadership position. It requires authenticity to be who you really are. Conscious leaders focus on the “we” rather than the “me” and realize that their role is to create a culture of trust, care and expansive influence.

Consciousness is pure awareness and can be cultivated with practice. From a leadership perspective, consciousness is more than being aware of the daily challenges on one’s “to do” list.

Why is conscious leadership crucial for successful businesses?

All businesses are operating in a VUCA environment where Conscious Leadership is the new master competency to handle today’s complex business challenges in a world that is increasingly demanding “doing well by doing good".

Never before in the course of human evolution have we had the opportunity and the responsibility to make conscious choices with so much knowledge and information at our finger tips. We are at an important turningpoint in the world. This requires awareness and a new way of thinking feeling and acting individually andtogether. The time for transformation is now. This demands a different type of leadership that can bring aboutfundamental and profound change through informed, wise and courageous choices. New leadership wisdomthat transcends the reliance on individual “hero” leaders is called for. This new wisdom demands greaterlevels of self and collective awareness and leadership, shared dialogue, mutual respect and accountable and informed action. We need to see higher levels of social and moral consciousness in our leaders.

Why are Fortune 500 companies asking employees to Stop?

The secret’s out! It’s not all numbers and spreadsheets that determine how successful a workforce will be, rather their mindset at and on the job.

To leverage their desire for success toward saner, more sustainable, and ethical workplace practices through mindfulness.

To encourage them to gobeyond the traditional goal-directed strategies to address the patterns that keep us stuck in behaviours which negatively impact our focus on work.

What is Mindful Sales?

Mindful sales helps sell/market the products and services mindfully and without being salesy.
It means doing the following:
Be present so you can show up fully,
Listen completely and suspend your self-interest.
Be detached from the outcome so you can focus on helping your customers.
Actively listen so you can really understand their needs,
And focus on serving; instead of trying to get what you want, help your customers get what they want.

How is Mindful Communication different from Communication?

The basic difference between is the addition of three elements in every communication ie Compassion, Kindness & Awareness.

According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, regular communication is defined as “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions, or information by speech, writing, or signs.”

As you notice in the above definition, there is no mention of compassion or kindness. If you watch any regular interaction between people, the form of communication will appear to fit the regular definition.

Why is Joyfulness the latest productivity tool?

Joyful people work better with others
Joyful people are more creative
Joyful people fix problems instead of complaining about them
Joyful people have more energy
Joyful people are way more motivated

How Mindfulness leads to enhanced productivity?

When you hear the word “mindfulness,” the word “productivity” isn’t likely the first association that comes up for you is it?
Being mindful simply means shifting from being caught up in our thinking to be aware of our thinking.
Increases our resilience to stressful situations
Encourages us to Respond vs React
Improves our Focus
Clarity in Perception
Better Decision Making

Why multitasking is a myth?

Envisage the switched-on new-millennium male – his iPhone in one hand while he switches between emails and business reports on his computer screen – a vision of productivity in this wondrous age of apps.

Wrong. He's seriously dumbing himself down.Several scientific studies around the world have concluded the brain doesn't switch tasks like an expert juggler. Quite the opposite. It can reduce your IQ by as much as 10 points, cause mental blanks and reduce your productivity by 40 per cent.

ScientificResearch advices clearly that in today's multitasking multi-app world, people should turn off their devices when doing something that merits their full attention.

Why are more and more employees looking out for Humanity Plus Organizations to work for?

A purpose mobilizes people in a way that pursuing profits alone never will.
For a company to thrive, it needs to infuse its purpose in all that it does.
An organization without purpose (manages) people and resources, while an organization with purpose (mobilizes) people and resources

What do we understand by education?

The true meaning of the word “education” is “to draw out.
The purpose of education is to expand the horizons of individual human beings.
Education gives onea livelihood, but it does not givelife, and it does not givelove.

1/3rd of our education should be concerned with livelihood;
1/3rd of our education should be concerned with our well-being — body, health, ways to stay younger and live longer.
& 1/3rd — the last and the most important — should be concerned with love, with death, and the secrets of life itself.
Only then will we have a wholesome education.

All education remains part of the mind; It does not make one more alert, more conscious,

How is education going to be different in the 21st century?

Our world is changing, and in order to prepare our children for this new world we need to change the way we educate them.
The major components of 21st century education will have the following:

  • Collaboration and teamwork
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Critical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Global and cultural awareness
  • Digital Literacy
  • Leadership
  • Self Management
Why is mere accumulation of knowledge not sufficient in the 21st century?

Digital twenty-first century world is described as “exponential.”
In other words, with connectivity,information, and global populationgrowing exponentially, the world we live in has shifted drastically—and will continue to shift drastically in the near future.
Nanotechnology knowledge is doubling every two years and clinical knowledge every 18 months. But on average human knowledge is doubling every 13 months. According toIBM, the build out of the “internetof things” will lead to the doubling of knowledge every 12 hours.
We simply cannot know what students will need to know in their future lives
We are bombarded with information around the clock, some of which is good and accurate, some of which is not.

What is conscious parenting?

Conscious Parenting goes deeper than parenting on an intuitive level.
It asks us to heal ourselves first, so that we are better able to raise confident, courageous, compassionate children.
Conscious parenting is a continual process of deepening and refining one's awareness and ability to be present and act wisely.

What kind of educators are required to teach the digital children?

Learner-Centered Classroom and Personalized Instructions
Learn New Technologies
Go Global
Continuous Learning
Self Management
Loads of Inspiration'

Why activating the IGS of the children the most important pre-requisite in the 21st century?

With the dominance of the role of head the intellect in the digital 21st century environment the childrens are slowly and gradually losing touch with their intuition & gut. IGS guides the child to harmonize the working of its head heart and navel in their day to day activities.


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